To help our clients become more effective shoppers and assist in the selection process, following are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

What types of services do you provide?
Triple Crown Caterers is a full service catering firm. We handle your entire event from set-up to clean-up. We offer our clients incredibly delicious food, impeccable service by a team of highly-trained professionals, including a field chef, event manager, wait/service staff and bartenders to oversee every aspect of your event so you will have the freedom to enjoy your event and your guests. In addition, we provide delivery, set-up and client pick-up options to meet your needs. Please ask one of our Event Planners for details.

What is your dress code and/or uniform your employees wear at events?
Our professional service staff is customarily uniformed in black pants, long-sleeved white dress shirt, black long tie or tuxedo shirts with a black bow tie and long black aprons. Other arrangements may be made on request, e.g., khaki and pastels, Hawaiian shirts, or specialty uniforms may be ordered for a fee.

What is your minimum head count?
From as few two for an intimate dinner party to 1500 plus for a fund raiser or holiday celebration.

Can you help us find a location, rentals, a florist, musician(s), and a photographer?
Absolutely, Triple Crown planners and coordinators are very organized, creative and able to work with you to achieve your vision on this very special day. Our planners work closely with the top rental companies in Charlotte to provide each client with a wide variety of rental options. The relationships we have established with these vendors allow us to cover any of our clients’ rental needs, ranging from classic designs to cutting edge styles that can add distinction to any event. We will gladly place your rental orders and arrange for delivery, set-up, and pick-up services. The equipment rentals and related services are generally billed directly to the client by the vendors without markup.

What are your prices for a buffet reception compared to a sit down?
All of our menus are unique. However, no menu is carved in stone. At Triple Crown we start out with a simple well-designed data sheet from which we build your custom menu. A buffet comprised of more choices in the sides and salads, is more casual allowing guests to mingle easier and is more reasonably priced due to less labor. A seated dinner is a more formal affair, with a per head price that is slightly higher as it requires more staff.

Can you create my personal “Family Recipes?”
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in our flexibility to meet our client’s needs in every aspect of their events.

Can Triple Crown Caterers help me with specialty and ethnic foods?
Definitely! We enjoy working closely with our clients’ to find just the right foods, recipes and ingredients necessary to enhance their events and create the perfect atmosphere they envision. Just let us know how we can best serve you, either by giving us the specific menus you desire or asking us to research ideas. In any case, we are here to make certain your event is everything you dreamed it could be.

Can you adapt your menus to suit food restrictions?
Triple Crown Caterers can accommodate any special dietary concerns. Our “from scratch” customized menus; combined with our knowledgeable culinary team, enable us to prepare any dish with the special attention required for those guests with restricted diets.

What are your specialties?
We specialize in affording our customers the best quality food and service. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize our menus and provide levels of service to meet our clients’ every need. Click here to read some of our clients rave reviews

What do you do to accommodate vegetarians?
We offer a wide variety of vegetarian options. For a seated dinner: you should have a vegetarian option available on your response card. For buffets and station we incorporate a vegetarian entrée into the menu. Since our vegetarian meals are so delicious, most guests take a sample, so we portion accordingly. If you know that you will have a very limited number of vegetarian guests and do not want to provide that option to everyone, we can have a vegetarian plate available in the kitchen by request. This requires some advance knowledge or an approximation of the number of vegetarians you expect.

Is there a discount for children?
Children require the same amount of linens, stainless, china and staffing as any other guest. However, in an effort to make it possible for you to have young guests at your event we offer a 50% discount on the food price for children between the ages of three and ten. Children under the age of three generally do not have their own place setting, and they typically eat a bite or two from mom or dad’s plate. If you have a separate area with supervision for children, and if you have 12 or more child guests, we can offer a child-friendly boxed lunch instead.

Can we sample food?
We are happy to offer the opportunity for food tastings. Tastings are scheduled Monday through Thursday, from 11:00am – 6:00pm, and are determined by availability of the Executive Chef, Event Coordinator and the client. A “general” tasting is limited to two people for $20 per person. There is a charge of $10 for each additional person. For a “menu specific” tasting, there is a charge of $30 per person for the first two people and $15 each additional person. (Your payment will be credited towards your event for these charges on your final invoice, if Triple Crown Caterers is chosen as your caterer.) State & County Sales Tax is 8.25% on foods and beverages.

What is your availability?
How large or small does my event have to be? We do book events a year or more in advance and can accept short notice jobs depending on our availability. Of course the further in advance you book your event the better we can assist you with your needs. We can produce several events on the same day; however, on busy weekends or if we have an especially large event, we may be unavailable. We have catered events for very large groups and also created intimate dinners for smaller groups.

What are you best known for?
Triple Crown Caterers is best known for a number of things; chiefly, our impeccable, delicious, incredible tasting food, quality service and our reputation for listening to our clients. We pride ourselves on hearing what is important and our ability to create that vision.

Do you have a brochure and a price list?
All of our menus are custom designed for a specific event and a particular client. After a preliminary conversation with a TCC event coordinator, we will prepare a proposal based on a suggested menus and estimated cost. When we price a menu, it’s a process that involves more than “3 dozen stuffed mushrooms”. A number of factors affect the price, such as menu choices, number of guests, length of the event, number of servers and venue. Our goal is to provide you the fairest price based on your specific needs.
A Note on Quotes: In the catering industry there are a variety of ways to present a bid to a client. While no one intentionally tries to mislead a client, it is important to verify that when comparing bids from two or more companies that you are comparing “apples to apples” by requesting the same information from all.

How can I save money?
Triple Crown Caterers (TCC) is a full service catering firm that offers everything from breakfast to box lunches to black-tie, full-service theme parties. We specialize in catering options that meet your dietary, financial and budgetary goals.
To ensure that we always provide the highest levels of service and product quality, we have some unbreakable standards:
1) if we’re staffing the event, we will not under-staff;
2) we will not under-portion. (Nothing is worse than running out of food)
3) we will not use frozen, tasteless or otherwise low-quality food.
Other than that, you control nearly every cost variable including the caliber of the linens, the length of the event, types of beverages at the bar and of course, the menu. Solid-color linens are less expensive than textured linens. Some stationary hors d’oeuvres are more economical than passed hors d’oeuvres. Triple Crown Caterers fortunately owns many things that other caterers are forced to rent. TCC menu pricing includes… Platinum banded white China, stainless flatware, iced tea goblet and *quality paper napkins.~ Appropriate chafing dishes, serving pieces, beautifully garnished serving platters ~White ~or~ ivory buffet linens * Linen napkins if desired are an additional cost.

How many staff will be working my event?
Every event has its nuances and challenges, so we believe that boiler-plate staffing formulas don’t work. Based on what we learn about your needs relative to service caliber and budget, our catering proposal will show you exactly how many leads, chefs, bartenders and wait staff you’ll need. If you would like “extra” staff on hand, we’re happy to help. We also believe that sometimes a high number of inexperienced staff is not as wise as a lower number of incredibly experienced staff that has worked in your venue on hundreds of events. As with our event supervisors, many of our wait staff has been with us a decade or more.

Do you charge a cake cutting fee?
No. regardless of the occasion (wedding, corporate grand opening, birthday celebration, etc.), we do not charge a fee for cutting your cake when we are catering the event. Remember that cake service does mean rental of extra plates and forks.

Can we supply own alcoholic beverages?
Absolutely! We are happy to supply you with a separate quote for liability, bartenders, glassware, ice, and bar equipment. You can have the liquor delivered directly to your venue or deliver it to us the week before and incur a nominal transport fee for us to store and transport it the day of your event.

What does your bar package include?
All bar needs can be provided with our packages including basic glassware, mixers, soft drinks, mineral water, ice, bar fruit and garnishes, cocktail napkins, and dry vermouth for martinis. We can accommodate specialty drinks, such as margaritas, if arrangements are made in advance with your Event Planner.

What is an “Off-Site” or “Off-Premises” caterer?
An off-premises/site caterer specializes in providing food and service to its clients in varying locations, whether it is a private home, backyard, office, or large event facility. Off-premises/site caterers are specially equipped to handle the challenges and flexibility needed to successfully manage events in a wide range of locations.

Where do you cater?
We can cater anywhere a caterer is allowed, from private homes, community parks and corporate offices to event facilities large and small.
When is the latest I can place an order? The latest time we will accept a new order request is two business days before the event is set to occur. Contact us to place an order.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we offer delivery services between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., as well as set-up and pick-up services. Click here to review our Triple Crown Caterers menu Boxed Lunches from Triple Crown Caterers

Can I pick up my order?
Yes if you’d prefer, you can pick up your orders directly from our facility. We strive to offer you flexible options to best meet your event and/or budget needs.

Do you have a minimum order for deliveries?
There is a $250 minimum (food and beverage costs) for all delivery orders. There is no minimum cost for client pick-up orders.

When do I have to have the final guest count for my event?
For events with 25 guests or more we must receive final guest count no later than five (5) business days prior to the event.

Rave Reviews

“Everyone remarked about the quality of the food. We were delighted with the entire event, from the food to the service, was excellent. Margie

You did an incredible job!!! Thank you for the help in the planning and cost break. I will definitely recommend you in the future. You are a blessing!! Kathy R.

“Everything was just as we planned – elegant, delicious and beautifully presented. Thank you for making our special day so special” Jill F.

“Thank you to everyone at TCC for a lovely meal, great bar staff, attention to detail before hand and during the reception…you are spectacular!” Wendy & David

You did an AMAZING job – all my guests said my food was the best they’d ever had at a wedding! :) I have to say it was mighty delicious! The BBQ and fried green tomatoes were my favorite.

Scott and I truly appreciate all of your hard work. So many of our guests told us how great the food was. One guest even said it was “spectacular”, and we both agreed. Thanks again to you and your staff for helping make our wedding day a fabulous one!

The food was BEAUTIFUL and more than beautiful, it was DELICIOUS!! We had so many compliments on the food, as well as the wait staff and bartenders. They were PERFECT!!!

Not only did you do an amazing job with assisting us in the planning, but I was floored with the quality of the food. The chicken was moist and flavorful, the fried green tomatoes were phenomenal, and the quesadillas were fantastic.

They truly cared about the timing and small details, helped with the cake and presentation, and made sure the house stayed cleaned up the entire night without being intrusive at all. In short they were a joy to work with.

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